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Dr David Ashton - Bariatric Doctor for Pall Mall Bariatrics

Dr David Ashton

Bariatric Physician
  • Occupation:
    Bariatric Physician
  • Experience:
    12 years
  • Core Skills:
    Bariatric Weight Loss
  • Certificates:
    National Specialist Register in Psyhology
  • Location:
    Birmingham & North West


I was the founder and former Medical Director of Healthier Weight and have had a strong clinical and scientific interest in obesity and weight-loss surgery for decades. In the last several years I have developed a particular interest in post-surgery problems – especially for gastric band patients.

Briefly, I qualified in medicine and surgery at the University of Manchester and went on to do postgraduate training in general medicine and cardiology at the University of Manchester. I later joined the Department of Cardiac Medicine at Imperial College School of Medicine in London, where I founded the UK Women’s Heart Study (which is still running). Anyone who is interested in heart disease, eventually arrives at obesity as a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes.

Personal Experience

In 2000, my wife and I established a specialist weight loss programme, called Healthier Weight. We initially focussed on medical treatments for obesity, but in 2005 the clinic began offering a range of surgical weight-loss procedures, primarily gastric banding. The company grew rapidly over the next decade and was very successful. I left my position as founder and Medical Director of Healthier Weight in 2016, to focus on developing a new Bariatric Clinic in the North West with Pall Mall Medical – now known as Pall Mall Bariatrics.

Over the last decade I have published a great deal about gastric banding, given keynote lectures in a number of countries throughout the world and published numerous scientific papers. The gastric band continues to be a great source of clinical and scientific interest to me and I have a special interest and expertise in managing band complications.

I have made frequent TV and Radio appearances, including Tonight with Trevor McDonald, The Food Programme and Law in Action (Radio 4).

I’m a very keen cyclist and my wife and I have successfully completed a number of epic rides, most notably across America, but also from Barcelona to Rome. I also love classical music. But perhaps my greatest passion has been for philosophy – a subject I find difficult NOT to talk about!

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